Enjoying Local Resorts: My Day at La Costa Resort & Spa


My hubby had purchased a golf four-some at La Costa Resort & Spa at a charity event we attended and after several months he fit time on the course into his schedule. He asked me if I wanted to join him, but Continue reading

Easy Low-Calorie Chocolate Healthy Dessert


Everyday, I try to eat some type of fruit. Mostly papaya or tropical fruits. Now that I am pregnant, I have increased the amount of fruit I eat so I can add some extra nutrients. I don’t always have time to chop up fresh fruit and always feel bad if Continue reading

The Power of Appreciation & How to Practice Gratitude

give thanks

We all have tough days, some things that worry us may seem petty or small later on when we put it in perspective, but in the moment they can bring our mood down. Sometimes bad things do happen and we cannot control them, such as an illness, accident, or losing our job. I try to practice the Power of Appreciation everyday and it has helped me through some serious tough times and moments of Continue reading

Quick Remedy For Sore Feet


Heels are a staple in my closet. I love wearing them, and my feet have gotten pretty good about standing and walking in them for hours. For certain speaking engagements and when I host events, I will stand on my feet for up to six or eight hours. It can take a toll on my feet. I have a handful of Continue reading

Become What You Believe: 21 Day Free Meditation Experience – Oprah & Deepak

12189893_10153231769350665_1199048250046443008_n(graphic from choprameditation.com)

In the past, I have written about how I have learned to meditate and how helpful it has been for me. I haven’t shared much about a very difficult and emotional experience I had last summer, but I will share that Continue reading

Best Way to Take 5 Minutes or Less in the Shower


Have you ever wondered how long you spend in the shower everyday? The majority of 18-to-34-year-old Americans spend more than 10 minutes showering. The time goes down for people aged 55 and above (source: Huffington Post). There are days when I only have five minutes to take a shower, less Continue reading

Dedícate Un Día a Tí Misma en Celebrando Latinas – Yo Lo Haré

celebrando latinas 2 2015

¿Alguna vez has visto información o un anuncio de una conferencia de mujeres y te dices “sería bonito ir a esa conferencia, suena interesante, debería de ir”? ¡Pero no vas! No vas porque quizás la conferencia sea en otra ciudad o porque estas ocupada con tus hijos, marido, o deberes del hogar. O piensas que quizás sea muy caro el boleto. Pues, ahora tienes una oportunidad que no puedes perder Continue reading

An Easy Way To Make Time to Relax = Me Time


Life can be hectic! We have lots of responsibilities, we take care of our family, work,  school, that list of things to do, social commitments, the list goes on and on. These things may cause us stress. It is important to also have some down time. To make time to simply relax. You can relax with Continue reading

Healthy Snacks for Summer Days


Two of my favorite fruits are grapes and cherries. Apart from being tasty and having lots of vitamins, they are convenient to eat because they don’t require chopping or peeling. They are also easy to eat, not requiring utensils and can easily be taken on-the-go as a snack. During summer, I Continue reading

Can’t Sleep, Try Enjoying Rest


On many nights, when I am finally laying in bed and ready to go to sleep, I  have a challenging time turning off my thoughts. Once I lay down under the covers, I have a sense of relief, an “ah, finally in bed” moment. Then, I find myself tossing and turning, with lots of thoughts crossing my mind. My mind starts to create these Continue reading

Easy Way To Remember To Take Your Vitamins


Vegetables and fruits are a regular staple of my daily meals, but I still don’t get enough nutrients. They say many of us don’t get enough nutrients everyday. For many years, I have been taking vitamins and as the years pass (and I get older), I have added a few more supplements to my daily dose. Sometimes I am good Continue reading

Manifesting True Success: 21 Day Meditation Experience – Oprah & Deepak, Starts Today


(Image by chopracentermeditation.com)

During the summer, I started meditating and find it helps me relax, reflect, feel centered, and sleep better. I wrote about how I became interested in meditation and the free 21 Day Meditation Experience – Expanding Your Happiness offered by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra. I did that guided meditation every night. It also helped me learn how to meditate on my own. I would meditate for ten minutes every morning. It was hard to stay focused at first, but as time passed and I practiced it more often, it became easier.

Well, Oprah & Deepak are offering it again, for FREE! This time it is Manifesting True Success – 21 Day Meditation Experience. I registered on-line, it is easy and did I mention it is free? Well, it is FREE! You can listen to the guided meditation in the comfort of your home or use the APP to listen to it on your mobile device from any location.

I am going to start it tonight. What worked for me last time was to find (make) the time at night, to meditate just before I went to sleep. I used my iPad to sign-in to the site, put on my earphones, an eye mask, turned off the bedroom light, and placed the IPad next to me (I closed the iPad cover to avoid the bright light). It was very relaxing and I am looking forward to getting into meditation zen this time as well! In addition to the meditation time, there is a positive audio messages shared by Oprah & Deepak in the opening of each meditation session. Each session is about 20 minutes and there is a theme for each day. The meditations include relaxing nature music which soothes my mind after a busy day! I feel like I am at a spa….but I am at home, meditating!

You can still sign up – for FREE here! Each meditation theme stays posted in the site for five days. You can sign-in to do the daily meditations at a time in your day that is convenient for you. I have really enjoyed learning how to meditate!

Hope you sign up and enjoy it as much as I do! You deserve to dedicate 20 minutes in your day to your well-being! This meditation practice brings me peace every night and is the best way to end my day in relaxation!

Do you meditate? Are you going to sign up for this free guided meditation?

Namaste friends (& hugs too),


PS – You can read about the Expanding Your Happiness Meditation Experience I did in August here. Did you know that Deepak has a location here (in Carlsbad)? It is called The Chopra Center, you can find more information here.

Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone

My hubby and I have been married for more than three years, it has gone by fast! Luckily, we have a good marriage and get along very well, he is my best friend and the love of my life. We both have busy schedules, but always try to find time to do things together. When we first got married, we went to the gym together. I’d get up at 4am to go to the gym with him, he’d workout with a trainer while I exercised on the treadmill and machines. We also played tennis and racquetball in the evenings, and every once in a while go for rides on our bicycles. Occasionally, my hubby played golf and I would accompany him. I’d walk the course (to get some exercise), watch him, sometimes drive the cart, then we’d have lunch or dinner together. We’ve been to some beautiful golf courses!

My hubby wanted me to start playing golf with him and even though that sport has never been of my interest, I agreed to learn. I hadn’t taken an interest in golf for multiple reasons: it takes many hours to play 9 or 18 holes, you spend the day in the sun (I already spend lots of hours in the sun due to work related events and try to avoid being out in the sun all day to reduce sun damage to my skin), it takes lots of hours or practice to get good at the sport and it may require lessons, you don’t burn as many calories or get a cardio workout as you do with other sports, and it is expensive. Having said all that, when my husband asked me to learn, I chose to learn because I knew it would be a way to spend time together doing something he enjoys. Don’t take me wrong, I think golf is an amazing sport that requires skill and discipline, and you get to play on beautiful courses!

We bought all the necessary golf items and clothing, even a hat for me! We went to hit balls a few times, but I never played on a course with him because I am not really good and we didn’t want to slow down other people playing with him or behind us.

Fast forward about two years and our schedules got hectic, my hubby had knee survey and got tennis elbow. He was unable exercise at the gym, play tennis, racquetball, or golf.  His knee is recuperating and his elbow is doing better. He doesn’t like going for walks and hasn’t wanted to ride the bicycle, so we have tried to find other ways for him to exercise. I have been exercising with friends and started going to the gym in the evenings, but have reduced the time I spend at the gym because we no longer go together.

Recently, my comadre Marissa started to learn to play golf and her husband plays regularly. They invited us to join them for a day on the golf course. She is still learning and I told her I wasn’t very good. But, we didn’t care! We wanted to practice and have fun on the golf course with our husbands. We played late on a Sunday afternoon, we were the last foursome out and  had the entire course to ourselves. That was good since  we would have definitely slowed down the golfers behind us or just let them go ahead of us. Our husbands were understanding and giving us tips. We played 9 holes, had fun, lots of laughs, and enjoyed time with friends!

I went out of my comfort zone and played golf – played it very badly, but at least I gave it a try and had fun. By each hole Marissa and I were getting progressively better and by the end weren’t doing that bad. It made me want to get out on the putting green and go to a golf field to hit some balls to practice, learn, and improve my game.

My husband’s knee was hurting after we played golf that day, but he said he’d go golfing with me again soon. I’ll be back out on the golf course and get better every time 🙂

Getting out of our comfort zone and trying new things can be a good experience! We have nothing to lose, don’t avoid doing something just because you aren’t good at it or are embarrassed others will see you, practice and in time, you’ll get better! For all you know, you can open up an interest or passion in you which you weren’t aware existed! Just have fun with it!

When was the last time you tried a new sport? When was the last time you did something outside of your comfort zone?




The golf course is beautiful and the weather was perfect that afternoon!


With my comadre Marissa, we’ve been friends since college!


I hit a lucky shot, more than a hundred yards & made it onto the putting  green, close to the hole (you can see hole about 12 feet to the right of my ball & about 5 feet in front of the orange ball). That was exciting!     

Healthy Breakfast I Eat Everyday

A common question people ask me often is what I eat everyday and if I follow a special diet. I don’t really follow a strict “diet” but I do try to follow a healthy diet. The way I eat is part of my lifestyle, it goes along with exercising, trying to be positive, happy, & fulfilled.

Growing up, my mom used to give us healthy food, lots of fruit, vegetables, wheat bread, some protein, every meal was cooked fresh.  One of the fruits we’d eat was papaya. I also ate it for breakfast on weekends during high school and college (I lived with my parents). Papaya is not that easy to find in the U.S., except for Hawaii.  After I moved away from my parents’ home, papaya became one of my favorite fruits to eat for breakfast when I would visit family in Mexico. My mom and grandmother knew I liked it, so they’d prepare a large bowl of papaya for me, yum!  My mouth is watering just writing about it!

When I moved back to San Diego, I wouldn’t really buy it because it was hard to find at the “general market” grocery stores, plus I didn’t want to make the time to peel it and chop it up. I’d opt for other fruit. About two years ago, I discovered that Northgate Market sells it chopped up in convenient, individual serving containers. Plus, Northgate Market is only a few miles from the TV station where I work. I would go to Northgate at the beginning of the week to exclusively buy four containers of papaya, that is all I would buy.  I would store the containers in my small refrigerator at work. I’d eat them for lunch or midmorning while working at my desk. I’d try to go back to Northgate on Fridays to buy three more containers of papaya. I’d take two home  to eat on the weekend and leave one in the refrigerator at work for the following Monday. The papaya they sell at Northgate is sweet & delicious! I went so often that Brandy, the associate in the fruit department, knew me and was always friendly!

Every once in a while, I would buy an entire papaya and chop it up at home. Now, I am used to chopping up the papaya fresh at home. I’ve been trying to do this more often since my schedule has been busier, making it harder to get to Northgate Market. Every two weeks,  I buy a few small papayas at Sprouts or Northgate Market, and store them in the refrigerator at home. The papaya sold at both stores is from Mexico.

I’ll chop up one papaya at a time and store it in individual servings in small plastic containers, then refrigerate it. This way, it is convenient since the papaya is chopped and there is no excuse to not eat a healthy breakfast. It also keeps me feeling pretty full throughout the morning since it has lots of fiber. The smaller papayas tend to be sweeter & I wait for them to be ripe, they just melt in my mouth! It is said that Christopher Columbus called papaya, “the fruit of the angels,” for its sweet taste and soft, butter-like consistency. Papaya has many vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber. You can find more information on the benefits of eating papaya on The World’s Healthiest Foods. 

The most delicious papaya I have eaten was in Hawaii, it tasted like a combination between mango and papaya, with more of a tropical taste! It reminded me of my childhood in San Diego when my mom would occasionally buy very small papayas, she would tell me those were Hawaiian papayas.

In our home, I pretty much buy papaya just for me, since my hubby doesn’t like it. I usually eat it plain, but sometimes add honey. If I want something with chili, I eat it with Tajin or chili powder and lime, also delicious!

Have you eaten papaya?




First I wash the papaya and set it on a cutting board.


I cut it in half.


Remove the seeds. This papaya had lots of seeds,  some smaller papayas have very few seeds.


Next, I peel the papaya with a knife, it has a very thin peel.


I cut it into small pieces.


I place it in plastic storage containers, in individual servings. I cover the containers and place them in the refrigerator. Ideally, these should be eaten in the next few days, or a maximum of about five days.



Papaya is usually sweet, particularly the small, ripe one’s. You can also add honey to sweeten it even more.


For a chili and lime flavor, Tajin or chili powder with lime  can be added.


I use the grocery bag to collect the seeds and peel, making for quick and easy clean-up.


A little tip: I make a knot on the bag, for easy disposal. Papaya peel and seeds can have a strong smell after a few days if you put them directly into the kitchen trash can. Placing them in an enclosed plastic bag helps mitigate the smell.

Looking Good While Exercising = Feeling Good

As you know, I try to exercise often, to maintain my weight, but it is also part of my lifestyle. I feel better when I exercise – and sleep better, it also helps me de-stress! I try to find ways to make exercise fun. Lola, my close friend and exercise buddy, is part of that fun! We exercise together at least once a week.

I try to have a variety of exercise outfits that I like, and most importantly that I feel comfortable in. It makes me feel good to look good (& comfortable), even when I am exercising. Lola is the same way. Every once in a while, she’ll show up with a new exercise polo, cute top, or complete outfit! I mostly wear exercise tank tops and black leggings. Last week, I was looking for some new sports bras and went to TJ Maxx because the store is close to the gym, plus my friend Edna had mentioned a necklace she bought there. I hadn’t been to that store in years. To my pleasant surprise, I found a few other nice items…and this cute RBX Active exercise top (only $14.99), all at great prices! I liked the exercise top so much, that I bought one to give to Lola as a gift!

Yesterday, when I walked into her home, she immediately complimented me on my new exercise top. I said thank you and then gave her a gift bag. Inside was the exercise top for her! She started to laugh and even her husband got a kick out of it. This is not the first time I do this, in the past, I have given her exercise tops & outfits that I also buy for myself, but this was the first time I was also wearing that same item.

I have a few favorite exercise tops and pants, and it seems I wash them every week. But, I promised myself I will start using the exercise clothes at the bottom of my drawers, to add variety to my exercise ensembles.

Do you have any favorite exercise outfits? Do you feel better when you exercise in cute outfits? I’d love to hear about them – and you can also share pictures along with your comment 🙂



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