How To Have Good Friendships & Celebrating Birthday with Best Friend

My friend Lizeth invited me to dinner to celebrate my birthday and it got me thinking about our friendship. I share tips on how we have been able to remain good friends for more than fourteen years and have open communication, even when one of us gets upset and when touchy subjects come up. Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please Like it & Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive Continue reading

Tips To Save Money on Beauty Products & Get the Most Out of Them

I share easy tips I learned in college & through my work with beauty experts on how to save money on beauty products by maximizing your products & getting the most out of them. Click on video to see how in two simple steps, I have saved money. Continue reading

Helpful Information for Families Buying a Car: Available at


My husband and I are considering changing our SUV for a smaller one. As parents of a toddler, the Ford Expedition SUV we have is very comfortable to travel in, for road trips and even for short drives in town. But, as parents of only one child, we really don’t need such a large SUV and the one we currently have is too Continue reading