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Dia de Reyes passed (Jan 6), I took down our Christmas decorations.

The highlight of my week was my nephew’s birthday party on the weekend! It was nice to see my extended family! He enjoyed his party, played with his cousins all day, and was thrilled to open all of the toys he received as gifts! My grandmother made a statement which will forever stay with me. As she saw my sister and I walking towards the dining area at the party, she said (in Spanish), “that’s family, getting together to celebrate a child’s birthday party, cousins playing together, sisters who are best friends (referring to my sister and me), and everyone laughing and smiling!” That statement made my week!

The rest of the week was different due to the weather. We had the El Niño storms, even a tornado warning. It was pouring day and night. My hubby was out of town for a few days, which freed up time for me to get organized. I enjoyed spending time (dry) at home while working, writing for hours, catching up on emails, organizing my office, and listening to the rain. The kitties were scared by the rain, so they spent more time cuddling on my lap than usual. Lorena and I tried to schedule our walks, but the storm was strong, so we decided to resume next week. There was even snow in the mountains of San Diego County, making the weather colder than usual. I only left the house on Wednesday for an appointment. While I was out, I completed what seemed like hundreds of errands and went to the grocery store to stock up. I was gone all day and ended up picking up take-out sushi for dinner (delicious). We are spoiled with beautiful weather in San Diego, so when we get rain storms, it is a big deal. This rain will help the state’s drought. This week, I thought of the homeless and my heart ached for the people whose homes were affected by flooding. I felt fortunate to have a roof over my head. Below are some pictures from my week. Hope your week was nice and you weren’t too affected by this week’s stormy weather!

How was your week?




Nephew’s “Toy Car” themed birthday party. 


Our baby received her first Minnie & Mickey Mouse as Christmas gifts, thank you Javier! Click here to see another one of the baby’s Christmas gifts


Rain, storms, tornados and snow….all in one week in San Diego!  

Mori cuddling lap jan 5 2016 (1)

Mori cuddling up on my lap more often than usual this week. I always stop working for a few minutes to pet our kitties. Playing or cuddling with our kitties everyday is one of my New Year’s resolutions.

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