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The weekend has arrived! What are you up to? This week has been a busy one – with Fashion Week San Diego and I also went to the movie screening of Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck. We really liked the movie, it’s suspenseful and has a good story line! I am looking forward to going to a friend’s birthday party and to my nieces Quinceañera this weekend! Can’t believe she is 15, how time flies! Love this little girl, who is now a teenager, it has been a honor to see her grow up. I am looking forward to many more years of seeing her accomplishments, being her proud auntie, and simply spending time with her! We are getting glammed up for her big party! It will be nice to see my aunts, grandmother, uncles, cousins, and the entire family!! I’ll share pics on my Facebook and Instagram. Hope you have  wonderful weekend!! Here are a few links from the web: fashion, beauty, events, tips, and simply fun!



Have you or your children selected a Halloween costume yet? The top costumes for 2014.

Glad ombre hair is still in, it is less maintenance than doing my highlights often. Plus, my hair feels healthier!

Are you wearing pink this month? It’s breast cancer awareness month. Cute ideas on wearing more pink.

Want to dress up your pet like your baby? And, let your pet entertain the baby while wearing the costume? Watch this funny video.

Tips for looking refreshed, even if you don’t get a good night’s sleep.

Fashion Week San Diego continues until Sunday – you can still go, here are the details. I posted about the Runway Show here.

Like your daily cup of joe? Have you tried Cuban coffee? See how it’s made – video. I had it in Miami, it’s strong!

If you live in San Diego and like Dora and Friends, here’s an event you may want to attend – on Sunday, Oct 12.

He finally got married…..George Clooney. They looked so happy! Yay George & Amal!

Mana de San Diego is having their 2014 Latina Success Conference, Oct 11 – you can still register! I plan to attend. Hope to see you there!

The movie I saw this week: Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck! A suspenseful, good movie! The ending was unexpected! In theaters now.  I may suggest you see it with a girlfriend….see movie trailer and you may understand why, ha!

Westfield Plaza Bonita posted the Fiesta Mexicana pictures – they have events throughout the year, here’s a sample of how nice their events are! Most of the events are free (free admission)!

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